Responsible viticulture

From vine to wine

The Les Davids estate stands amid a unique and unspoilt terroir. A vineyard, patiently harvested by hand, stands at an altitude of 580 metres and nestles in a valley on the edge of Mont Ventoux and the Vaucluse Mountains.

It is expressly run according to the principles of organic polyculture, guaranteeing the  protection of biodiversity and the presence, in the grapes and the winery, of natural yeast whose quality guarantees perfect fermentation. The combination of these qualities - both human and natural - means that we can produce exceptional wines year after year, and in sustainable quantities.

from the selection of grape varieties to cellaring

“Gravity-flow winemaking, which does not affect the quality of grapes, helps bring out the expression of wines in harmony with their terroir, drawing freshness and minerality from Les Davids’ altitude and its soils.”

Mayra Saillen – Les Davids Cellar Master

Diversity of soils and terroirs

The geological variety of the estate’s soils and subsoils gives our wines personality and character. Thanks to expert knowledge of the geology of the terroir, of every single plot, Les Davids is able to select the best plants for each one. Our wines reflect the perfect relationship between the soil, climate, grape variety and know-how.

Managing the vines

When their leaves fall off in November, the vines begin their winter rest, and when the sap stops flowing, preparatory pruning can begin.

The Les Davids estate uses three types of pruning, selecting the one which is best suited to the terroir and the grape variety. On plots of Viognier and Chardonnay, varieties which are not tremendously fertile, the Guyot Poussard pruning system is preferred. This age-old pruning system, also known as Gobelet pruning, has been used since Roman times and is perfect for very vigorous varieties, our unevenly terraced slopes and plots which are difficult to irrigate.
Used in many parts of the world, the Cordon de Royat is an intermediate pruning technique which maintains high quality by reducing the yield and vigour.

At the first signs of spring, the whole vineyard is covered with a mixture of leguminous plants and local flowers. They attract predatory insects and are an important source of organic matter that stimulates the activity and biological life of the soil. The vine-growers also amend the soil with manure from Rove goats, an indigenous breed, to reactivate the microorganisms in it.

Bud-break is the sign that the vines are coming back to life. The vine-growers ensure healthy growth through very careful trellising, which is critical for proper grape ripening.

Last Vintages

The wines of Les davids



This wine with its light pink robe with hints of raspberry, presents an elegant nose that reveals aromas of citrus, redcurrants and white flowers (lime, hawthorn). The refined, fresh and fruity palate, with notes of peach, is defined by a gentle minerality.



This expressive wine reveals a rich nose with notes of brioche, flowers (acacia) and exotic fruit. In the mouth, a combination of freshness, fullness and spices creates wonderful depth and harmonious complexity.



A blend of Syrah, Caladoc (Grenache & Malbec) and Carignan, its deep ruby robe reveals a complex nose with notes of peach, and violet, as well as a touch of liquorice. The palate is rich and fruity. It offers smooth tannins and a delightful aromatic expression.

single grape variety

100% Viognier

With its golden robe and intense aromas of apricot, pear and lime blossom, this wine is a perfect summer choice. The nose offers all the typicity of Viognier. The palate is fresh, balancing the fullness. The citrus and brioche aromas add complexity. Its long-lasting aromas provide a mineral expression of the terroir.

single grape variety

100% Marselan

A cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache Noir, Marselan is a varietal that produces complex, elegant wines. Made from grapes picked and sorted by hand, this wine is aged in new Burgundy oak barrels for 7 months and fermented slowly at controlled temperatures to release all its characteristic aromas.

single grape variety

100% Syrah

The purest expression of the Syrah grape, this wine opens with intense fruity notes accentuated by a subtle hint of wood. The attack is supple, elegant and enhanced with fine tannins; in the mouth, it is seductively full-bodied and crunchy.


Dernières Terres

With its deep robe with purple nuances, this blend presents an intense and complex palette of flavours combining aromas of red fruits, pepper and a subtle woody note. In the mouth, the attack is refined with notes of cherry and violet. The thick, velvety tannins balance the freshness. This highly elegant wine brings out the authenticity of the land from which it originates and is a wine with excellent cellar potential.



This blend offers an intense and generous bouquet of brioche and mature fruit (pear and peach) coupled with notes of acacia blossom. The palate is rich and powerful with notes of citrus and toast. The freshness and woody expression combine perfectly to create a fabulous complexity. L’Argentière is the result of unique climate and soil, requiring particular care and attention and capable of producing a wine of superior quality.


Terre de Treimars

On the nose, red fruits, animal notes of leather and spices offer an intense and complex bouquet. In the mouth, the minerality provides freshness and elegance, along with firm, silky tannins. With subtle woody aromas, the finish extends the flavours of this classy gastronomic wine

Château d’Autet

Brut d’Autet

Méthode traditionnelle.

This pastel pink wine with refreshing aromas of citrus, peaches and white flowers greets the palate with an elegant structure and well-balanced freshness with notes of red fruits.

Château d’Autet

Château d’Autet

White wine.

The nose expresses floral notes of honeysuckle and orange blossom together with citrus aromas, enhanced by a hint of wood. It opens to reveal an elegant mineral structure, balanced by the fullness and the hints of patisserie from its aging on lees. An expressive, elegant and airy wine which is the product of a unique climate and soil, requiring particular care and attention and capable of producing a top-quality wine.

Opened on 4 June 2021

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